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About Orbit Fleet Solutions

We are Orbit Fleet Solutions Ltd, proudly Zambian, a locally registered and owned fleet management service provider. We operate a “best-in-class” service model supported by a “right-the-first-time” work ethic as well as a commitment to the highest level of customer service that nurtures long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Mission

To help our customers get the best out of their assets by providing them with the tools, know-how and ...

Our Vision

To become a leading company in the Fleet Telematics Industry by adopting research-based ...

What We Do?

Fuel Management

Fuel Management

The Hardware

  • Fuel Probe to be installed in the tank and connected to our unit
  • Ultra Sonic Sensor affixed to the fuel tank
  • Available on both rental & outright purchase options
  • Third-party devices can be connected.
  • Key Features

  • Detects Fuel Increases or decrease
  • Detects fuel level at start and end of trip
  • Calculates consumption per Km
  • Detects fuel related violations
  • Fuel Reports

  • Fuel level in the tank
  • Fuel changes
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • Fuel thefts
  • Per vehicle reports
  • All-fleet reports
  • Generator && Yellow Equipment Solutions

    Generator && Yellow Equipment Solutions

    Yellow Equipment

  • Designed for the Construction and Mining Industries
  • Get most value out of your machinery , fuel performance and monitor operator hours
  • Increase efficiency and save operational costs associated with yellow equipment
  • Monitor actual amount of fuel used per hour
  • Receive notifications as soon as fuel is siphoned or stolen
  • Automated maintenance and licencing schedules
  • Download reports of trips per day for movable yellow equipment
  • Set up Area management : Geo-fencing
  • Monitor night , Weekend or any restricted time usage
  • Set up event management notifications – such as battery disconnect, jamming antenna cable cut, etc.
  • Generator Solutions

  • The major operational cost for a generator is fuel and it is important to monitor this resource
  • Monitor the amount of fuel supplied in the machine
  • Monitor the actual amount of fuel used per hour
  • Receive notifications as soon as fuel is siphoned or stolen
  • Automated maintenance scheduled
  • Set up event management notifications such as fuel level notifications
  • Tracking, Route planning & Logistics Management

    Tracking, Route planning & Logistics Management

    Speed Monitoring

  • Over speeding Reports
  • Speed Zones
  • Speeding start notifications
  • Geofence Reports
  • Prohibited Night / Weekend Driving

  • Prevent Legislative penalties and fines
  • Avoid Driver Fatigue
  • Avoid High Rates of Accidents
  • Trip Monitoring

  • Trip Replay
  • Trip Report
  • Route Diversions
  • Authorised Stoppages
  • Route Planning

  • Facilitates creation of routes and assigning to assets
  • Monitor Route diversions
  • Driver Behaviour

    Driver Behaviour

    Driver ID

  • Driver Violation Reports or Trends
  • Safety Feature to hold staff accountable for their actions
  • To identify driver training requirements
  • Individual Event Monitoring

  • Monitor harsh braking and acceleration
  • Monitor driver behaviour to reduce accelerated depreciation
  • Alerts controllers of possible accidents or crisis on the road
  • Driver Related Reports

  • Driver performance - Individual
  • Driver performance – whole account
  • Over Speeding Reports
  • Area Entry and Exit Reports
  • Driver Violations reports
  • Reprimand or reward drivers based on performance
  • Safety & Security

    Safety & Security

    Security of Load and Driver

  • Panic button peripheral
  • Trailer Connect & Disconnect Events
  • Creation of Geo-fences / Areas, Receive Entry or Exit notifications
  • Remote immobilisation capabilities
  • Monitor diver behaviour and events in high risk areas – thereby reducing chances of hijacks and increasing the security of the driver and the load.
  • Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance

  • Lubrication Service Reminders
  • Capture Fleet Maintenance
  • Costs per Vehicle or for the
  • Whole Fleet
  • Tyre Change Reminders
  • Other Time or Distance Based Reminders
  • Introduces operational efficiency and cost savings
  • Reduces human judgement errors – that are sometimes costly.
  • Logistics Management

    Logistics Management

    Provides information Requirements for Recovery & Investigations

  • Access Automated system reports for full trip replays to facilitate recovery operations
  • Access automated system reports for full trip replays to help with investigations
  • Reprimand or reward drivers for safety and security violations or adherence as the case may be
  • Improves Reliability and Reputation

  • Less to No events of load hijacks or theft – leading to a reputation of reliability with owners of the load
  • Saves time and money that is wasted in resolving security violation events
  • Makes collaboration and Delivery Management easy
  • Why Choose Us?

    A few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

    Our award-winning, cloud-based asset management software, FLEET COMPASS also available as a Mobile App, provides a holistic overview of KPI’s such as fuel consumption, driver behaviour, maintenance, safety and real-time operational events. This information can be used to reduce your operational cost, enhance operational efficiency and ultimately increase your profit margins.

    Innovation is at the core of Orbit Fleet existence. We provide innovative solutions to all our Asset management services and ensure that all our products are adaptable and add value. We have a dedicated Research and Development team that continuously develop new features to enhance clients’ interaction and experience with our solutions.

    We shall not dump the units on you. We shall walk the journey with you until you realise your cost savings. Core features of our After sales support include: One on one training sessions with growth specialist. Customised set up of the system done by Orbit Scheduling of installations done in line with clients operations. Certification for each installation is done via the system. 24 HOUR support hotline available.