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Orbit Fleet Solutions

Orbit Fleet Solutions

Who Are We?

We are Orbit Fleet Solutions Ltd, proudly Zambian, a locally registered and owned fleet management service provider. We operate a “best-in-class” service model supported by a “right-the-first-time” work ethic as well as a commitment to the highest level of customer service that nurtures long-term relationships with our clients.

Our Values & Business Philosophy

Our Company is made up of a diverse group of uniquely talented individuals, who operate cohesively as a Team and do everything with PRIDE:

P - Professional

  • Orbit Fleet will always act in a professional manner,with the best interests of the customer in mind.

R - Respect

  • Orbit Fleet will treat all stakeholders, including employees, customers, vendors, and the public with respect and dignity.

I - Integrity

  • Orbit Fleet and its employees will always act in just, ethical and moral manner with the highest degree of integrity.

D - Diversity

  • Orbit Fleet embraces diversity and fosters an environment of inclusion and acceptance.

E - Exceptional

  • Orbit Fleet will strive to provide Exceptional Customer Service in everything we do.

Our Business

The Company specialises in helping organisations reduce and manage fleet running costs, achieve efficiency in their operations by providing them with the tools, know-how and internet of things (IoT) technology to manage their fleet as efficiently and effectively as they choose, on one easy to use platform:FLEETCOMPASS.

Fleet Management Pain-Points

In organisations that has a big fleet of vehicles, fuel and fleet maintenance costs make up a substantial component of the cost of the operation. Sadly though, in many organisations, up to 25% of these costs are avoidable and preventable. Secondly, there is a huge component of these costs are incurred on unofficial errands (personal). The pain-points that are common in such organisations are:

  • Abuse of Vehicles - unauthorised use, either during working hours, after hours or over the weekend.

  • Abuse & unauthorised use results in accelerated wear and tear, which impacts directly on the cost of maintaining the fleet.

  • Abuse and unauthorised use also result in increased fuel usage on non-official errands, impacting directly on the government fuel bill.

  • Most Organisations has manual log books for drivers to log trip details. However, these manual log books require human intervention to analyse and take action. Sometimes, the very people to prevent abuse become the abusers. In some instances, man power or man hours to carry out the required tasks is a challenge.

  • For the Government Fleet, The Government Transport Control Unit (GTCU) have inspectors who patrol and mount checkpoints to curb unauthorised use of motor vehicles. This method is however not just costly, but also very ineffective – because the inspectors cannot be everywhere, all the time. This could be the biggest limitation of the method.

  • Fuel management is one other big and very costly challenge.

    • There is no guarantee that the issued quantity of fuel has been put in the intended motor vehicle.
    • Where a given motor vehicle has been correctly refuelled, there is no system to detect and prove theft of fuel. (Decanting)
  • Most Organisations do not have systems to manage driver behaviours. Drivers will go out of bounds, over speed, excessive idling, have minor accidents, damage vehicles and successfully conceal such costly behaviours from their superiors.

  • In cases where a motor vehicle is driven by more than one person, it’s hard to pin point who is responsible and liable for a certain misdemeanour.

  • Managing maintenance and repairs of each motor vehicle and accurately analysing the cost of ownership is another big challenge. Planned / scheduled maintenance is difficult to manage when the fleet is big.

  • Most Organisations usually pays the price for expensive spares. Drivers do exchange faulty expensive spare parts on private vehicles and put them on government vehicles. E.g., A Faulty Mass Airflow Sensor for a private vehicle will be exchanged and installed on a company vehicle, while the none-faulty one which was on a company vehicle is installed on a private vehicle

Our Customised Solutions

The solution is FLEETCOMPASS. We have a system that has been specially developed and has been proven to reduce costs, and helps monitor fleet control repair and maintenance which in turn helps you save on maintenance and repair costs.

The essence of telemetry and use of location-based services (LBS) is to reduce on fleet running costs and maintenance costs, efficiency and reduce operation costs. In addition, it also enhances effective monitoring and control of assets. And because of our trip Re-play capabilities in real time; organizations are greatly assisted in cases of accident disputes and other investigations.

At Orbit, we have helped many organizations to substantially reduce their fleet costs by providing innovative fleet management solutions. Our service delivery platform called FLEETCOMPASS will assist you greatly. The system enables you to do the following:

  • Provide you with constant real time information of your entire fleet.
  • Effectively monitor key performance indicators.
  • Get immediate notifications on violations – such as over speeding or out of bounds
  • Allows your company to record and transmit detailed information from vehicle and driver to the control room.
  • 24/7 monitoring of movements as well as actual location and route monitoring.
  • Maintenance programs, that lets you know when certain requirements will need to take place (Lubrication Services, Tyre Change, Driver Permits, etc.) beforehand.
  • Monitor prohibited night and weekend driving.
  • Speed monitoring is a vital tool used to reward or reprimand drivers, reduce fuel consumption as well as reduce maintenance costs.
  • Set up Areas and Geo Fencing – restricting particular vehicles to certain Areas (e.g. Chelstone Vehicles should not go to Matero without approval)

Our spectrum of solutions in illustrated below:

Due to the vast features on FleetCompass, our proprietary service delivery platform, we are able to service different industries such as financial institutions, motor insurers, transporters, security companies, company fleets, NGOs and personal vehicles.